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Why choose Pitaya, Thai restaurant in Quimper ?

You are looking for a Thai restaurant in Quimper ? Straight from the streets of Bangkok and its traditional street foodPitaya is the right restaurant. We offer you, during a meal, a true culinary journey in the far reaches of Asia. Rich in authentic and unique flavours, Thailand opens its doors to you in Brittany. Thanks to a exotic decoration, you will feel the a typical Thai street frenzy. Everything on your plates is made with fresh, high-quality products. You will thrill your taste buds with the many recipes based on meat and fish, perfectly combined with fresh vegetables and sticky rice, and flavoured with spices of all kinds such as basil, curry or coriander.

Pitaya, the inevitable Asian restaurant in Quimper

Come and discover the best of the world's cuisine in our Asian restaurant in Quimper. Our wealth lies in the abundance of traditional recipes enjoyed by refined Asian cuisine, each as delicious as the next: from tasty sautéed noodles to sautéed shrimp, chicken with curry, chicken with pad thaï or the no less succulent bo bunthere is something for everyone. Our hearty dishes and woks are prepared in full view of the customers by our team, which, like Thai chefs, combines know-how and passion. Our menu is intended to be healthy food, the products used in our recipes are so healthy.

Where to find Pitaya in Quimper ?

You will be welcomed by a professional team on rue René Madec in Quimper, a few steps from the Museum of Fine Arts and the Théâtre de Cornouaille. The location is also ideal to close a screening at Cinéma Les Arcades, located a few minutes walk away. To park, the Place de la Résistance car park is also in the immediate vicinity. You will benefit from a fast service on the spot, takeaway or in deliveryin a good mood typical of the land of smiles. To order in our Asian restaurantyou can reach us by phone, or directly from the website.